For more than 30 years, we are a pioneer industry leader in Asia and our brand “SQI Wax” is very well-known in the global chemical market.  Specializing in refining and blending of petroleum, synthetic and natural wax, our products cover a wide range of industrial applications with special emphasis on hot-melt adhesives, plastics, rubber, coating, candle, polish, cosmetics, pharmaceutical etc.  We always find a way to work out a win-win scenario between our suppliers and customers.  With our strict quality control of incoming raw materials in our own in-house laboratory, our customers trust SQI wax & additives as they contribute to the excellence and consistence of ingredients in many end formulation. 

A portion of our SQI Wax is used in our own manufacturing of consumer goods such as crayons, modeling clay, candles, etc. Our strict internal quality control along with third party quality inspection companies always check that the products conform to industry standards before we send the products out to our retailers and consumers. We are committed to keep on improving and updating our operation standards, quality and price to continue to make SQI Wax a distinguished industry brand name.

We have expanded our cooperation with top notch universities and research centers to develop more novel wax from natural sources to replace those of petroleum based. The ultimate goal is to solidify our presence as the leading provider of total wax solutions in Asia.