Proplan lndustrial Co.,Ltd. has been established in 2004 to produce ingredients and seasoning products for food manufacturers in a wide range needs by restaurants and homes. With our certified production standard, efficiency, hygiene and safety, we can assure that the clients/consumers will receive clean and quality products from Proplan.

Our facilities were designed based on hygienic conditions and utilizations, which were installed with modern and high speed product equipments and technologies. We also implement modernistic administration system to ensure food safety and hygiene in processing our products.

The company is duly certified by BRC, GMP, HACCP standards. ln addition, we select only premium quality of raw materials for our supreme quality products. Moreover, our staffs in both operational and management divisons are well trained and willing to contribute the best product to our clients. ln this way, we will not stop improving our product standards to make sure that our client will receive the best from us.