Certified by GMP, HACCP and ISO 9001-2015, our facilities are well equipped with Reactors, Extractors, Evaporators, Distillation, Freeze-drying and spray drying equipment. We are one of the leading manufacturers in standardized botanical herbal extract to the world’s pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, functional food and cosmetics industries. We are recognized by Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) for using advanced production techniques with supercritical CO2 extraction. This allows us to extract our actives under low temperature environment in order to not destroy the actives themselves during production process.

More and more consumers (young and old) are choosing healthier food or beverages instead of exercising. There is a growing trend in favor of prevention rather than therapeutic healthcare, consumers are trying to stay healthy and live a long life. Our extracts are available in liquid and powder form, and our supplements are available in liquid, capsule and tablet form. Wellness is our ongoing commitment.