Mangosteen is an exotic and tropical fruit that is also known as the Queen of Fruits. A&P Orchard is the leading producer of organic mangosteen in Thailand with the largest farm located in Trat province of Thailand. Our organic farm “A&P Orchard 1959” spreads over 300 acres (1,214,056 m2 or 13,068,000 ft2) and has been visited by many travelers around the world. The farm finally grow 100% organically since 1987 and has ever since received organic certifications by USDA and Organic Thailand. Thanks to our meticulous farming and cultivation procedures, we are able to focus mainly on preserving the environments. We understand that what we do in agriculture has a measurable impact on the surrounding organisms, hence that is one of the reasons why we are constantly working to find ways to minimize agriculture’s impact.

If you have never tried tasting organic mangosteen, please contact us today. Some incredible benefits of Mangosteen include:
1. Rich source of antioxidants and vitamins
2. Boosts immunity
3. Helpful for Menstrual Problems
4. Regulates blood pressure and boosts heart health
5. Anti-inflammatory properties
6. Boosts skin care
7. Solution to tummy problems