SQI Petrochem

Know as WAX CENTER in Asia for 30 years. SQI has developed a series of wax products including PE Wax, Paraffin wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Ozone Wax, Petroleum Jelly, Emulsion Wax, Processing Oil, Master Batches and many other wax / oil blends. SQI also works with a series of natural waxes such as palm wax, stearic acid beeswax and carnauba wax.

Siam Quality Industries specializes in refining and blending of petroleum wax (slack, paraffin, microcrystalline) , synthetic wax (polyethylene, FT) and natural wax (carnauba, beeswax, palm) For more than 25 years, SQI has been supplying was to end users in all parts of Asia, Europe, America, Australia/ NEw Zealand and Africa. We are capable of manufacturing FDA certified products when necessary for our end users. Pur product over a wide range of industrial application with special emphasis on hot melt adhesives, plastic and rubber.

Siam Quality Industries goal is to provide suitable on purpose material to satisfy our customers’ need. We are dedicated to find the right solution to our customer’s problem. Through these year, SQI has evolved from working only on petroleum and synthetic wax to working with natural wax. WE will never stop to find the best materials for our customers at the most affordable cost. All our ingredient to be used in the production are carefully selected to their specific purpose. SQI always finds a way to work out a win win scenario with both our suppliers and customers. 

A small portion of SQI wax is used in the manufacturing of our customer goods production lines, including candles, wax crayons, clays and etc. Our strict control of the wax quality ensures that our finished goods are in the right condition before sending to the retail stores and consumers. It is our continuously service mindset and full responsibility for our products that built our SQI brand to be what it is today.

Siam Quality Industries control all input raw materials with our in house laboratory. WE also cooperate with third party inspection companies, Thai university and government research centers to inspect lab test samples; All outgoing product are inspected and supplied with certificate of analysis by our laboratory to our customers. Our target is to provide 100% customer satisfaction to our products SQI’s production conforms to the standard of ISO 9001:2008 in order to provide quality and control to all of our wax products. We are committed to keep on improving and our standards in operation, quality and price to make SQI wax  a brand name in which our customers can depend on. 

Our Future Plan

In the next decade, SQI plans to develop more wax related products and broaden our customers to emphasize on coating and cosmetic industries. WE will improve our solid forming machineries and packaging automations to cater to the needs of all our end user. SQI will be working with universities and research centers to speed up on our progress in development in order to offer cheaper wax and additive solution. 

Siam Quality Industries strives to provide the best quality products at affordable prices to our customers. As we grow, SQI plans to solidify our presence as the wax solution provider in Asia.

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