Continuous Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Continuous Supercritical CO2 Extraction technique is method that use carbon dioxide to extract vice solvent such as water, alcohol etc. Carbon dioxide is a good solvent property, it can extract all kind and does not has residue in extract. This method can maintain 100% plant property, high purity, without contaminants of solvent. No odor, color or toxicity. It is also an environmentally friendly way.

Tongkat Ali Root

From study found that Tongkat Ali Root can heal Osteo In the process of collagen metabolism to repair the ligaments, tendon and cartilac. And it can heal other symptom such as Enhance sexual performance and increase sperm count. Otherwise Tongkat Ali Root has the superoxide dimustase, it is the antioxidant enzyme and stop the chain reaction that will be a harzadous to our body. So the Tongkat Ali Root can slow down the aging process and stimulate testicular production of testosterone.

Mangosteen rind

Mangosteen is a source of phenolic compounds. In addition to its nutritional value, pericarp also has medicinal properties as an astringent.

The essential phenolic that foud in mangosteen rind is xanthone, tannin and pro-anthocyanin. From the study found “extract from mangosteen rind has a variety of biology effect and xanthone most found in mangosteen rind(more than 40 types). Xanthones have a lot of properties such as mangostin that anti-inflammation, phenolic that antioxidant and prevent Heart disease, stroke, cancer etc.

Dear Antler

Dear antler has most nutrients such as collagen, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, lipids, prostaglandins, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, polysaccharides, all essential amino acids, Bone morphogenetic protein, Fatty acids, C18:3-Omega-6,Pantocrine. So the extract of dear antler can prevent deterioration and strengthen the cartilage cells. Reduces inflammation of the body organs and reduce menstrual pain. Accelerate growth of cells, Encourage the body to change cells to replace the aging cells. Encourages the body to regenerate nerve fibers, muscles, cartilage and bone marrow.

Red aril gac fruit

The important part that has a high drug efficacy of the gac fruit is pericarp. From the researches fouded that the red aril gac fruit have a long fatty acid that Helps to absorb beta carotene to the body. An the red aril gac fruit has a beta carotene higher than carrot 20x and lycopene higher than tomato 70x. In addition it can increase concentration of hemoglobin in blood and heal anemia. So with the properties of red aril gac fruit, it used to mix with other fruits and herbs to be eye care, health care and also developed to do cosmetics to reduce wrinkles.

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