Thai Wax and Resin, a company part of SQI GROUP is focused on innovating emulsion based waxes for board and paper industry. Since its first operation in 1997, Thai Wax and Resin has a lab team with more than 10 years of experience in meeting customer’s needs and provide quality satisfaction.

SQI Special Blends – For Board Application

SQI Wax 405 – For MDF board
SQI Wax 455 – For MDF board, extra gloss
Emulsion wax – HE 55
Emulsion wax – HE 60 (For Particle Board Application)
Emulsion wax – HE 60 A (For Gypsum Board Application)

SQI Special Blends is a collection of blended waxes that is either application specific or a low cost alternative to their counterparts. To ensure that our waxes are of the consistent quality, we have a well equipped modern laboratory with facilities such as Gas Chromatography and Digital Scanning Calorimetry to assure customer satisfaction.

SQI Special Blends – For Candle Application

SQI Wax 240 – S/R paraffin wax alternative
SQI Wax 243 – Low cost paraffin wax alternative, one process type
SQI Wax 249 – Low cost paraffin wax alternative
SQI Wax 628 – 100% Stearin for Pillar, Votive, Ball candles
SQI Wax 629 – 100% Stearin for Tealight candles
SQI Wax 740 – Wax for Jar candle
SQI Wax 760 – Natural Wax for Jar Candle
Please email us for more details on your candle production demands.

 Anti-Ozone Wax

SQI Anti-Ozone Wax is a carefully blended antiozonant solution for rubber tires, tread liners, parts, and other rubber articles manufacturers. All of our waxes have been tested under ozone chamber to ensure that the protection on rubber is suitable for our customers’ needs.

SQI Special Blends – For Rubber Application

Test Method
Melting Point oC DSC 58-62 61-67 62-66
Softening Point oC ASTM D36 65-68 66-70 63-68 62-66 63-68
Kinematic Viscosity cSt ASTM D445 5-7 6-9 5-8 4-7 4-7
Oil Content wt. % ASTM D721 1.0% 1.0% 1.0% 0.5% 0.5%
Penetration Hardness dmm ASTM D1321 10-14 12-17 12-16 15-19 10-16
Color max ASTM D1500 L1.0 L2.0 L1.0 L0.5 L1.0
Appearance/form Beads Beads Beads Beads Beads