Wax & Additives

Determined to continuously search for new wax raw materials to expand to ourcurrent lines, SQI is aiming to become a wax specialist in the ASEAN region. Our goal is to make all our customers satisfied with the quality of the waxes we have to supply. From crude petroleum waxes to various natural waxes for personal care products, SQI reaches our to all wax end users for all applications. We have a dedicated lab and chemists to work with customers individually to work to the exact wax products necessary for a specific application. In the near future, SQI plan to extend our customer reach to other parts of the world using our sincerity and knowledge on waxes and additives.

Art & Crafts

Hi Art / Hi craft is focusing on children ages 3 – 14 as target group, as crayons is one of the early learning color tools for children and can freely draw on paper. We gradually developed Chalk, Clay, Paints, Glue and Arts & crafts materials. “Kid” is a general term for children. “Art” is craftsmanship. Hopefully, the children can learn new knowledge from a young age and build fond memories.

Household Product & Decoration

Mellow Collection focus on  young adults from 15 years old and up as target group. “Mellow” refers to a state, atmosphere, or mood of ease and gentle relaxation. Hopefully our customer can relax your mind and enjoy your life” in a comforting atmosphere, We continue to develop everyday products in life such as “cleaning product”. Utilizing the same concept – quality affordable products so consumers can use the products at ease, enjoy quality life at affordable prices.

Fine Color

S.Q.I Fine Color specialize in matching colors to create pigment blend black master batch materials to create Pigment, Solvent dye, Dry blend, Glitter, Additive, Master batch (plastic), Master batch ( Clay / Crayon) and PE Sheet