Modeling Clay

Available in a wide range of colors, from regular brights to brilliant neons. All color can be blended to achieve more color tone and shades. The clay is easy for little hands to shape and mold; it will never dry out, harden, shrink or change shape so it can be used over and over again. Detailed and realistic work of models and sculpture can be made


The Kid Art modeling dough is made from flour. It’s great for kids to begin hands on  modeling. Also, kids can play with various plastic gadgets such as cookie cutters, cavity molds ram extruders, plastic tools. etc. It’s lighter in weight, cleaner and more pleasant in hand feeling than Modeling Clay

Air Hardening Clay

The air hardening clay with improved handling and crafting properties at economical price. This clay hardens in 24 hours and then is usable with any type of decorating medium. It is super pliable yet allows you to produce a permanent work of art. Provide ample open time to complete projects before hardening.  Available in terracotta and white colors.

Modeling Clay

A craft modelling material with a beady texture that is made up of micro polystyrene foam beads. The air hardening modeling mix with a beady texture gives opportunity for models to have a very unique special effects. Beady Dough is wet and air-hardening and can be made into various crafts.  Also, it is of low density . Slightly sticky dough, it forms nicely in your hands, yet doesn’t stick to your finger. No Glue is needed.

Paper Mache

Useful craft modeling materials from mashed paper. Just add sufficient water to mix and form modeling paste. Modeling paste has good structure to enable shaping and forming to fine details. The formed structure air dries. Hardened piece can then be painted with artist’s paints and varnished. Excellent for models of large sizes. This paper mache is environmentally friendly because of the use of recycled paper in making this materials. It air dries hard, durable, strong and light.

Sandy Clay

Providing the texture feeling of warm sunny beach anywhere. Sandy clay is real simple to use for amateurs, professionals, and recreational artists. Can be use over and over again. It is a molding dough that has a sand-like texture.  Easy to clean up because the products stick to themselves but not to other things. Strong when dried.

Light Clay

This is an unique scented soft and lightweight clay. Safe and non-toxic and self hardening  the colors mix easily and blends well to create new colors. With great elasticity, it is mess free and do not crack after drying naturally. It is ideal to form into different shapes with very clean handling and do not stick to hands. KID  ART light clay bonds to itself and other materials easily without any usage of other adhesives. Air-dries to a smooth, resilient finish, usually within 24 hours. Reuseable by adding a little bit of water. It is 1/3 of the weight of ordinary clay

Flower Clay

Great for fine modeling and sculpting for flowers as well as other miniature. Resin-made clay for precise artwork Water-based, air dry, safe. Inter-mix with oil colors to obtain desired shades Dried artwork is strong, flexible and durable. The uniqueness of flower clay is long lasting after it is dried, but still flexible at the same time.

Dynamic Sand

This sand-in-motion flows and shapes just like wet sand, but leaves surfaces completely dry and mess-free. Kid Art Dynamic Sand sticks to itself and not to kids, so it can be easily cleaned up and stored. It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through fingers just like real sand and leaves them completely dry, but when pressed together, it sticks to itself and keeps its shape! It is totally reusable and it never dries out.

Natural Clay

A premium, self-hardening, air dry clay with exceptional plasticity; an ultra-fine grade that achieves excellent detail and versatility for crafts, art projects, classroom and studio use; easily worked by hand or tool for the desired results. Self-hardens and cures to a superior strength and durability with minimal shrinkage; ¼ inch thick dries in 24 hours Will not crumble when dry, can be carved, sanded and drilled when cured; can be kiln dried if desired, accepts virtually any finish Non-toxic, meets ASTM D4236, made in the USA, available in white, black and terracotta