Kid Art Crayons: Vibrant, classic crayons. Robust color assortment of true hues and intense brightness in primary and secondary colors. Double wrapped for extra strength and durability. Non-washable. Assorted colors. Non toxic . Easy for little hands to hold. Color Max- the brightest and true to its color. High quality and long lasting result


KID ART Oil Pastels contains oil pastels that provide a smooth, creamy laydown of bright, vivid, opaque color. This assorted oil pastels set features specially designed pastels with a jumbo, stick and a tapered point. The pastels are designed for children, so they will not roll off of desks or tables. The oil pastels blend to a true secondary color

Colored Pencils & markers

KID ART  Colored Pencil  features 64 colored pencils in a variety of shades, includes eight kid-friendly colors. Each pencil in the KID ART  Pencils Assorted has a thick, soft core designed to not break under pressure, and they blend well with other colors. The built-in sharpener completes this pack, and all you need to provide is paper

Kid Art  Markers offer big, bold colors, making them ideal for use by younger children. They are fun to draw with on any paper pad or coloring book that you own. With their conical tip, you can use these KID ART non-toxic markers that come with 64 colors in a box of 64, to draw both thin and thick lines. Going off the paper is okay because they are washable.. Get creative when you draw different pictures using these pens to help you. Great tools for picture making


Variety pack of multicolored jumbo chalk. Create multi-color artwork with just one stroke with incredible marbleized, dotted, solid color and rainbow chalk. Works well with sidewalks, chalkboards and paper. Jumbo size is easy to hold for little hands and kids of all ages. Age 3 years and up