With more than 900 team members to date, SQI came a long way since 1987 when we began our first production in our Thailand factory located at Sainoi, Nontaburi. Our products have been sold to well over 80 countries in correspondence with our commitment to offer the right products with the right quality, right price and right distribution. From being a pioneer and market leader in wax and pigments, SQI slowly developed into consumer products controlling the entire production line beginning with the raw material to the end distribution. We continue our growth by setting up other manufacturing plants in Malaysia (2000) and Vietnam (2006) and our own branch offices in Taiwan and China (2001), India (2003), Philippines and Sweden (2009) and Bangladesh (2012).

Whether you are looking for OEM, ODM or our own brands, Kid Art, Hi Art, Hi Crafts, and Mellow Collections, our dedicated R&D and QC/QA team will ensure that all of our products are made from materials of the utmost quality and conform to the international standards of safety.

We strive to be your one-stop shop by providing product designs and development, production planning and management, quality assurance, export documentation, and shipment consolidation. Our sourcing team is committed to constantly source for products and partners with high quality and standards to complete our product range. In today’s business, it is essential to have 3 wins – factory, shop, and end consumers. We cordially invite you to visit us, to understand more about us, and to be your Partner for Success.


SQI Company Culture

Honest ::

Our team is honest to ourselves and to customers.

Respect ::

Our team earns respect by respecting others.

Innovation ::

Our team needs to constantly improve on current ideas and innovate on new ideas.

Cooperation ::

Our team cooperates with one another.


Our team executes actions and takes the Group to the next level.


Proherbs – cosmetic plants and product line is established


SQI MACHINERY is established for labelling and packaging machineries 


SQI took over A&P Orchards 1959 – largest organic mangosteen orchard in Thailand


SQI BIO is established: manufacturing plant for herbal extraction and herbal supplements


SQI start to develop a new business section focusing on health products for elders.


SQI focus on education program to promote our Kid Art brand.


SQI Innovation Taiwan start producing home cleaning products to the market.


SQI’s own branch offices were set up in Vaxjo, sweden and Malabon City, Philippines and began SQI innovation


SQI India Engineering Company in Korad India began to manufacture spray cooler, spray drying and machinery designs with install services. At the same time, both SQI Vietnam Company and SQI Pro Plan Company began to work on productions. SQI Vietnam Company, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, focuses on crayon and candle productions as well as other arts & crafts items, while SQI Proplan Company, located within SQI Industrial Park ,focusing on seasoning.


ฺBranch offices in India and USA began servicing customers in their respective region SQI Group come together as an organization link between all factories and branch office, with one main goal– to offer the right customers anywhere in their world.


branch offices in Guangzhou, China, Hong Kong  and Taipei Taiwan opened their doors to customers


SQI-CLP Wax & Chemical Company is established in Johor, Malaysia


SQI petrochem Industries Company was set up at Rayong, Thailand with Board of Investment (BOI) privilege


SQI Fine Color Company is established to supply color blending and master batch


BJC was established for domestic sales


Siam Quality was established in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Our business practices

Building Success Together is the business practice that SQI has been strictly devoted in working for all of our stakeholders, from customers, business partners, shareholders, and neighboring communities to employees.

In conformity with this business practice, the company is working constantly to develop our business operation to the highest international standard. We are ready to share our knowledge, experience and achievements, as we believe that, to be fully successful, we must achieve sustainable and steady growth together with all related stakeholders. Therefore, we will be;

Strategic Partners”: To increase each other’s strengths and decrease each other’s weaknesses by leveraging resources such as the market base, technologies, capital, and human resources possessed by each party.

Business Partners”: to establish long-term relationships with customers which assurance that SQI is a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Collaborative Partner”: To co-develop growth strategies that broaden business opportunities and support economic, social and environmental development to achieve steady and long-term growth.

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Robert Fong, CEO

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Benjamas Somboon, CFO

Jen Chih [Robert] Fong, CEO

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Origins of SQI brands (logo and design), SQI story

SQI is short for our full company name Siam Quality Industries. “Siam” is the formal official name for the Kingdom of Thailand. “Quality” refers to high grade, superiority and excellence. “Industries” is specifically commercial enterprise. The abbreviation SQI is easy for customers to remember us.

Hi Art / Hi craft is focusing on children ages 3 – 14 as target group, as crayons is one of the early learning ocor tools for children and can freely draw on paper. We gradually developed Chalk, Clay, Paints, Glue and Arts & crafts materials. “Kid” is a general term for children. “Art” is craftsmanship. Hopefully, the children can learn new knowledge from a young age and build fond memories. There is this old saying in chinese, “Children who learn art is more unlikely to turn bad”

Mellow Collection focus on  young adults from 15 years old and up as target group. “Mellow” refers to a state, atmosphere, or mood of ease and gentle relaxation. Hopefully our customer can relax your mind and enjoy your life” in a comforting atmosphere, We continue to develop everyday products in life such as “cleaning product”. Utilizing the same concept – quality affordable products so consumers can use the products at ease, enjoy quality life at affordable prices.


My Ideal business Goal

From zero to today and from 1 person to over 720 people, through countless setbacks and failures, we turn from loss to product, our customer and consumer begin to accept our brands. Despite downfall of the economy with 0 overseas branch offices, including all staffs, management team and shareholder, we are growing with stability. Our marketing strategy utilize “quality affordable products” to let consumers enjoy using our products. It has been a tough path, but we continue to persist our strategy. In the future, I hope to have a volunteer entrepreneur state of mind to parent up with sole proprietors or SMEs for future developing products that are safe, environmental and affordable. Through benefiting the consumer as a starting point, we must also have reasonable procuts to compensate our staffs, management team and shareholder and compute new product development with CSR


ISO 9001 : 2008