SQI Update

Wax & Additives

Specializes in refining and blending of petroleum wax (slack, paraffin, microcrystalline) , synthetic wax (polyethylene, FT) and natural wax (carnauba, beeswax, palm) 

Kid Art / Hi Crafts

Kid Art / Hi Crafts is a brand of Art and Crafts materials. 

Mellow Collection

Home Decors and fragrances for Candles and Reed Diffusers

Food Seasoning Sauces

Food Seasoning Sauces

Innovation & Engineering

Working on developing new products, innovative materials to be applied in the industry

Partner For Success

Build on Silver Past to Challenge a Golden Future

“Building Success Together” is the business practice that SQI has been strictly devoted in working for all of our stakeholders, from customers, business partners, shareholders, and neighboring communities to employees.